Process for applying to take Out-of-Pocket COVID-19 PCR Test  
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Application Form for PCR testing for COVID-19


Who can apply?

1.      To enter other countries for the compassionate reasons, including visiting relatives in a critical condition, attending funerals of relatives, or dealing with other urgent issues.

2.      Job requirements

3.      To study aboard

4.      Foreign nationals and people from Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland        China who will depart from Taiwan.

5.      Family members of people traveling abroad for the reasons listed above.

6.      Approved by the COVID-19 Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

7.      Other special reasons

Remarks: For people under Home (Self) Isolation/Quarantine who needs to go outside for compassionate reasons should get the permissions from local Health Bureau.

Documents submission

Relevant Documents

(1)   Application form for COVID-19 test

(2)   Electronic ticket or the record of booking

(3)   Original passport and the copy


(1)   Job requirements: job-related documents (working visa, announcement from the company requiring the test, itinerary in Taiwan, etc.)

(2)   Short-term business travelers: Relevant documents (the travel itinerary, etc.)

(3)   To study aboard: Certificate of enrollment

(4)   Foreign passport or the Entry Permit for Taiwan

(5)   Relevant documents of family members of people traveling abroad

(6)   Approved document by the COVID-19 Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC)


1.      Online registration:

2.      Automated phone call system: 07-807-0210 (24 hours)

3.      Phone registration system: 07-805-9152

(Office hours: Monday-Friday 08:30-16:00, Saturday 08:30-11:30)

Testing Fee

Expedited Case: NT$4500 ; Regular Case: NT$3500

(including a test report in English or Chinese)

Service Hours

Expedited Case:


(Testing 08:00-08:30, and you can pick up report after 19:00 on the testing day.)

Regular Case:


(Testing 08:00-08:30, and you can pick up report tomorrow after 16:00.)

Remark: Excluding national holiday

Registration /Pick-up Location

Monday-Friday (08:00-21:30): 1F Patient Services

Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday: Emergency Counter

(1)   Please bring your ID and passport. If you are the appointed agent, please also bring your ID and the letter of authorization.

(2)   You can pick up a test report in English or Chinese.(NT$200 for each extra copy)


The above practices are updated in accordance with the "Regulations on the applicants for Out-of-Pocket Polymerase Chain Reaction Testing of COVID-19" by Taiwan Centers for Disease Control.